Scatterbrained and Loving Every Minute

Part of the burden that all of you readers out there must now hold on your strong backs is the craziness that is my mind.  I can’t put together two good thoughts at a time at the end of school year, so here is some ranting that was long overdue.  In a variety that would only make sense to me.

If there is any truth to the rumor that the Washington Capitals shut down their message boards last night, welcome to the punchline that keeps on giving.  Just because a few of your star players are Russian doesn’t mean you have to hire Stalin to run your http.

Could someone email me Mark Recchi and Miroslav Satan’s obituaries, that would be great.   I’d say they had ice water in their veins, except it’s embalming fluid.

Dear Magic, if you would like to return to the NBA Finals, it would probably be advantageous to keep Dwight Howard on the floor.  Keep your hands to yourself Superman, for God’s sake.  And the whining doesn’t help.  You’re a superstar, act like one.

Man, Dana Altman must feel awesome about being Oregon’s 53rd choice to be their head coach.  Even Kevin Broadus turned that gig down.  Phil Knight Just Did It.

The Seattle Seahawks really ‘did work’ in this past week’s NFL Draft.  The problem is that Pete Carroll in the NFL ‘doesn’t work’.

Anyone with suggestions on how to completely obliterate the American public with NFL coverage?  It would probably work.  And it’s probably already in the works.

The Lakers are in trouble with the Thunder.  If you thought Kevin Durant would be a monster coming out of Texas, join the crowd.  If you thought Kevin Durant would be a monster coming out of Texas and for some strange reason your entire life is dedicated to proving it to everyone, join Bill Simmons.

Dirk and Mark Cuban were made for each other.  Duh.  The combination of them is made for gullible NBA fans to believe in.  Apparently, everyone forgot Gregg Popovich coaches the Spurs and Rick Carlisle coaches the Mavs.  I didn’t.

I could go on, but it would jeopardized my mental stability, and furthermore, yours.


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  1. your mother

    NBA Superstars = constant whining

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