Music?! Music.

This has some kind of weird, summer book report feel to it.  In the interest of continuing to write as often as possible, I’m going to blog out. I mean rock out. Err….I mean both.

For those of you that know me or have come to know me through my writing, I cover the Philadelphia Flyers in every second of free time that I have.  Now that their season is complete, the offseason beckons.  However, there will be many more seconds of free time without the team actually playing.  So, I set out to have some type of therapeutic offseason writing.

I’m no music expert.  I don’t play an instrument.  It seems silly for me to write about music.  But, that’s why I’m not going to give ‘reviews’.  Another reason I want to stay away from that form is that often times, reviews aren’t up my alley.  When I’m told that I should listen to a song or buy an album, the safe bet would be that I’ll never do either.  Just because you told me to.  Well, I trust a few people when it comes to music, but they’re few and faaaaar between. (And if you are reading this and fall into that category, pat yourself on the back)

To cut to the chase, I’ll be ‘exploring’ music, I guess.  Whether it be some of the old faithfuls on my 2650 song iPod (which holds about 2k songs that I don’t listen to) or a random click on YouTube, I’m just going to vibe with it and let you know what the vibing was like.

This is a blog in the truest sense of the word.  This will be my random thoughts, and maybe you’ll learn a little bit about me through my observations.  I hope to write as often as I can.  If you think there’s a song I should jam, comment. Or tweet it to me.  This is the lone exception to the ‘avoiding all advice’ law.

Also, I’ll listen to just about anything (Yea I know, count the number of times you’ve heard THAT before).  From Beethoven to Wu-Tang Clan, Carole King to Metallica, the Boss to Johnny Cash, I”m all over the board.  My theory has been and always will be, ‘If it moves me, I’ll jam it’.

So here’s to a summer of moving.  I hope my lyrics of the season sound alright.


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