Some New Bon Iver Jam

Okay, so here’s the long story made somewhat shorter. I had never heard of Bon Iver until the late winter when a friend of mine suggested the song ‘Skinny Love’. In fact, if someone had asked me if I had heard of the band, I probably would have thought they meant Bon Jovi or just completely said, oh yea…and then never checked into it (thanks Jdub). I love that song, and I really love the piano version, although it’s by someone completely different (if you haven’t heard either, I highly recommend them).

Yesterday, I saw that ‘Bon Iver’ was trending on Twitter, so I decided to click the topic…which I never do. And I found out that their latest single, ‘Calgary’ was released yesterday. At least, I think it was. It used to be simple understanding when a song was released, but who knows…there may be some hipster that reads this and tells me the unplugged and underground version was found on some mixtape in Bangladesh and circulated online over 2 months ago.

I found out about the song yesterday.

I guess I should talk about the song now.

It has a really neat sound to it in the beginning, and at first it irritated me. It kind of reminds me of ‘Love Like a Sunset’ by Phoenix. I don’t know why, the only reason I can come up with is that they both start slow and eventually introduce some remnant of what sounds like a song. But I can dig both jams. In fact, I love that Phoenix song, parts one and two alike.

Another thing that jumped out to me about this jam is the similarity that it has to a lot of Coldplay’s stuff. Or maybe that’s just the vibe I get from it. The guys voice reminds me of Chris Martin a great deal. I may be way out in left field with that, but it’s my blog so I’m not too worried. As I wrote before, I’m no music teacher. I’m just some guy.

Love the slow stuff, wish the song was longer. At some point, the lyrics will mean something to me, but at this point I don’t even know what they are.

It’s always cool when you get to know a song. You can weave it into your own life in one way shape or form. I guess that’s part of the beauty of music, and in another way the simplicity of it. Songs like this one may end up being the background music of my memories of this summer. Or not.

It may just remind me of Coldplay and Phoenix. But for me, that ain’t so bad either.


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