fun. and Different

Obviously, there are a couple of different value levels to music. One of them just so happens to be the value of losing yourself in a song. The song for this post holds that quality if you can listen to it all the way through.

And when I write, ‘if you can’, I’m not saying that the song stinks. It’s just extremely different. I find ‘different’ to be extremely liberating. Because a friend from college recommended this jam, I gave it the benefit of my doubts and stuck with it until the end.

As soon as it ended…..

First thought: ‘What the hell was THAT?’
Second thought: ‘Maybe listen to it again?’
*Refreshes the song*
Third thought: ‘This is weird. But it’s growing on me’

And that’s all she wrote. I was hooked. Why?

Do I love this song? No.
Do I love that this song makes me feel like I’m listening to stuff that expands my horizons? Yes.

Extremely interesting format to this jam. In fact, it’s one of the few that I didn’t focus in on the lyrics the second it started. It feels like 83 different things are going on in the song. Thus, the first thought I had.

Goodness, even as I write this I am replaying that first thought throughout the song. Plus one for fun. though, I’ve never heard anything like it. However, that can be a double-edged sword. I don’t really want to listen to more fun. because it may be like this song. I like the song, but I grew into it because of how interesting it was. If all their music sounds this way, then I won’t even like this jam anymore, because there’s nothing interesting left to like. It’s would become just another fun. song.

Also, after a few listens…I finally got back to my lyric-noticing ways. Love the line + delivery towards the end of the song:“So I left/ That is it/ That’s my life/ Nothing is sacred/ I don’t keep friends/ I keep acquainted/ I’m not a prophet/ But I’m here to profit, that’s all.”

Loved the way that flowed, and the wordplay that was incorporated.

The bottom-line on this jam is that it gets you far away from wherever you are for 4:07. Sometimes that’s perplexing and sometimes that’s just awesome. Even if there is no real reason to listen to ‘At Least I’m Not as Sad’, that may be reason enough. Diversity of rhythm and interesting vocal patterns make the song worth finding out what the hell THAT was. THAT is unique.

Unique is different.

Different is liberating.

(Thanks Mo)


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